Máy quay phim panasonic hc-x920

Flagship models featuring 3MOS System Pro with the BSI Sensor for excellent shooting performance in dim lighting. also equipped with a wealth of shooting functions, and Wi-Fi compatibility.

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3MOS System Pro with BSI Sensor

The New 3MOS System Pro is comprised of the F1.5 LEICA Dicomar Lens, the 3MOSBSI Sensor, and Crystal Engine Pro II. In addition to the excellent color reproduction andhigh-resolution images that the 3MOS system is known for, the new 3MOS System Prodelivers greatly enhanced image quality, particularly in images shot in dimly lit situations.

Manual Ring / EVF / Level Gauge

The X920M comes with the useful functions to assist professional shooting. Manual RingThe manual ring gives you easy, fingertip control over the iris, focus, zoom and exposure settings. Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)This extendable 263,424-dot equivalent viewfinder makes it easy to see the shooting scene under bright sunlight that makes the LCD difficult to see. Level GaugeThe Level Gauge detects the horizontal/vertical angle of view with its internal level working with an acceleration sensor. This function corrects even slight tilting that is difficult to see with the bare eyes.

Real Time Broadcastingwith Full-HD Recording

Built-in Wi-Fi function enables Real Time Broadcasting ofimportant events via Ustream, while recording images inFull-HD. This lets users deliver live images to people withInternet access around the world. There is also a functionto send e-mail to notify the start of streaming topreregistered e-mail addresses.
F1.5 Leica Dicomar Lenswith Nano Surface Coating

The large-diameter F1.5 lens is mounted with a Nano Surface Coating applied to the lens surface. These advanced lens systems suppress ghosts and flaring when shooting moving pictures, and let you record bright images with very little noise even in dark places.The wide shooting range expands the breadth of photographic expression, extending from 29.8mm* wide angle to Intelligent 25x zooming. This makes it possible to capture everything from panoramic scenery to telephoto images for obtaining dynamic images of subjects at a distance.* 35mm camera equivalent.

Crystal Engine Pro Ⅱ

The X920M features ultra-high speed Crystal EnginePro II. By using this engine to perform high-speedprocessing of the huge number of pixels – approximatelyequivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD – thatare obtained with pixel shift technology, superb Full-HDimage quality is achieved even in detailed image parts.

5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. +with Level Shot Function

The X920M is also equipped with Level ShotFunction, in addition to the 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. +. LevelShot Function automatically detects and corrects the tiltingof captured images. It records more horizontal imageseven if when shooting in an unstable or awkward positionsuch as low-angle or high-angle shooting.

1080 TV Lines HorizontalResolution

Horizontal resolution of 1080 TV lines* makes it possibleto shoot high-resolution Full-HD images that express evenextremely small details.* According to the JEITA ITE chart and CIPA (for digital cameras) ISO 12233 resolution chart.

FULL HD 3D Image Recordingwith 3D Conversion Lens

By simply mounting the VW-CLT2 3D Conversion Lens, you can recordFULL HD 3D images with the MVC (Multiview Video Coding) recordingsystem of the AVCHD 3D format. Right-eye and left-eye images are bothrecorded and played in Full-HD quality, using the Frame SequentialMethod to produce FULL HD 3D images. This brings all the lifelikeambience of the actual scene right into the living room.*VW-CLT2 is sold separately.

Home Monitoring

When you are away from home, you can monitor and record there withhigh-quality live video, and speak to your family or pets using yoursmartphone or tablet.

Remote Shooting

By using the dedicated vtczone.vn Image App, you canremotely check audio recording, zoom IN/OUT and shutterON/OFF, while viewing the live image on a smartphone ortablet.

Highlight Playbackand Easy Share

You can enjoy Highlight Playback with asmartphone or tablet right after shooting.Favorite scenes can be shared on SNS withsimple drag and drop operation.

Wireless TV Playback

An access point at home can be used to transfer datawirelessly to the TV or a tablet in the living room, or otherrooms in the home. You can play back images on thelarge-screen display*.* The wireless access point (router) is required.

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Creative Control

Filter effects – Miniature Effect, 8mm Movie, Silent Movie and Time LapseRecording – makes it possible to shoot impressive video recordings thatare matched to the shooting situation.

5.1ch Surround Sound System

This model is equipped with multiple electret condenser microphones.They help capture the sound source and distance accurately to get more3-dimensional effect. You get a realistic sound space that"s a perfectmatch with the true-to-life HD images. The New Wind Noise Cancelleroptimizes the level of the low-cut filter to match the noise volume,effectively reducing the noise to enable clear audio recording.

20.4-megapixel StillPicture Recording

In high resolution, 20.4-megapixel stillpictures* come out extremely beautiful.* For images recorded with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

3.5-inch 1152K-dotWide Touch LCD

The X920M features a 1,152,000-dot 8.8-cm /3.5-inch wide LCD that allows intuitive fingertiptouch-operation. When shooting, you can use TouchShutter by simply touching with a fingertip on the screen.For playback, you can also change thumbnail pages bysliding a fingertip across the screen. You get smooth,intuitive operation and don"t have to take your eyes off ofthe LCD screen.

iA (intelligent Auto) /iA Plus Mode

This powerful function senses the shooting conditions andautomatically makes the settings and activates functionsthat deliver optimal results. In addition, the iA Plus Modeenables you to adjust exposure compensation and whitebalance by just push the button on the LCD.

Plug and Copyto External HDD

Recorded data can be easily copied to an HDD without having to use a PC. • In the following cases, a USB HDD cannot be used by connecting it to this unit - A USB HDD with a capacity of below 160 GB or above 2 TB - When a USB HDD has two or more partitions - If a USB HDD is in a format other than FAT32 - When connected by using a USB hub - When a USB HDD is not a desktop type

2D/3D Conversion

Images that were shot in can be easilytransformed into 3D images with the 2D to3D Conversion function, by simplyconnecting the camcorder to a3D-compatible TV with an HDMI cable.

Full-HD Video Recording 1920 x 1080p Intelligent Zoom / Optical Zoom 25x / 12x Wide-viewing Angle 29.8 mm
HC-X920 Introduction video with shooting sample imagesThe new 3 MOS Full HD Camcorder HC-X920 introduction video with shooting sample images.
HYBRID O.I.S. + and Level Shot functionHYBRID O.I.S. + uses five-axis correction to thoroughly suppress blurring all the way.
vtczone.vn Imaging Products Wi-Fi Solutions – UNWIRE YOUR CREATIVITYvtczone.vn LUMIX digital cameras and camcorders are offering a variety of extensive functions via Wi-Fi to enrich your shooting experience.
vtczone.vn Wi-Fi Features – Real Time Broadcasting Built-in Wi-Fi function enables Real Time Broadcasting of important events via Ustream, while recording images in Full-HD.
vtczone.vn Wi-Fi Features – Home Monitoring When you are away from home, you can monitor and record there with high-quality live video using your smartphone or tablet.
vtczone.vn Wi-Fi Features – Remote Shooting With the "vtczone.vn Image App", you can utilize a smartphone / tablet as controller to zoom, set the focus and shoot from a distance.
vtczone.vn Wi-Fi Features – Remote View Playing back to confirm the image is possible so that you can continue shooting right at the spot.
vtczone.vn Wi-Fi Features – Easy Share You can instantly upload and share your images on an SNS (Social Networking Service) using the "vtczone.vn Image App" on a smartphone / tablet.

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