The daughter of a Silicon Valley executive has become the fourth new york University student khổng lồ die in a plunge this academic year.

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Sophomore Diana Chien, 19, did a backward swan dive from the roof of her boyfriend’s 24-story apartment building Saturday after quarreling with him.

“This is difficult news for our community that has known an unprecedented màn chơi of sadness this year,” Marc Wais, the NYU vice president for student affairs, wrote in a letter to students posted on the website yesterday. “The untimely deaths of young people are a tragic national problem & we are not immune.”

On campus yesterday student Lesly Bouchereau, 19, said, “It’s crazy. Something needs to lớn be done about the mental health of the people who go here. They put up guards in the library, but as far as trying khổng lồ relieve the ức chế of those people who kill themselves, they haven’t done that.”

Chien, who grew up in Cupertino, Calif., transferred from UCLA in January so she could be near her beau, Christopher Lam.

Her suicide devastated her family, who regarded the teen as a bright, talented girl who spoke excellent Chinese, excelled in sports và easily won admission khổng lồ three vị trí cao nhất universities.

Diana, whose father, T.W. Chien, is a senior vice president at TiVo, is the fourth NYU student khổng lồ plunge lớn their death during the current academic year.

On Sept. 12 – the day after his 20th birthday – Jeff Skolnik, a scholarship student from Evanston, Ill., committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of the Bobst Library.

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On Oct. 10, Stephen Bohler, 18, a thành viên of the diving team from Irvine, Calif., spread his arms and leaped from the same floor of the library. His death was later ruled accidental because he was under the influence of mind-bending “magic mushrooms.”

On Oct. 18, sophomore Michelle Gluckman jumped from the sixth floor of a Greenwich Village apartment building after smoking a joint & declaring, “I can’t take it anymore.”

It’s unclear whether her death was a suicide or an accident.

Diana, an economics major, began dating Lam a year ago. In January, she transferred lớn NYU lớn be near him. On a website site Lam set up last year, there was an angry message from a visitor identified only as “Berkeley94704.”

“Christopher Brandon Lam is a liar,” the message said. “He tells his girlfriend lies all the time & has no respect for other people. So whoever you are, don’t be friends with this bleep-hole. He’ll only make your life more miserable.”

The same person also posted another message: “Chris – You’re a liar!”

Police sources said Chien và Lam had a fight on Saturday, and she went to lớn the building where he had an apartment – at 990 Sixth Ave. She went lớn the roof and waited there 15 minutes before turning her back lớn the ledge và jumping, cops said.