All caps are usually used for initialisms, therefore CEO, BBC, UNESCO.This is usually not the case for other abbreviations và contractions: Co. Và Ltd are more common.

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"Ltd." is used to indicate that a British company is a stock corporation in which the individual liability of the stockholders for the corporation"s debts or losses is limited. The U.S. Equivalent is "Corporation," often abbreviated "Corp.," in the name of a company, or "Incorporated," usually abbreviated "Inc." after the name. "Co." is an abbreviation for "Company." In either country, a company might or might not be "Limited" or "Incorporated." Therefore, "Co." sometimes occurs with "Ltd." and sometimes it does not. In referring khổng lồ a specific company, you should be guided in the use of these abbreviations by the organization itself—its stationery, literature, web site, etc. Some companies insist on spelling out one or more of these terms in all cases, some bởi vì not. In the U.S., at least, "Incorporated" or "Inc.," if included in the fullest version of the name, is often omitted. You should not use all capital letters for "Co.," "Ltd.," or any other element of a company"s name unless the company itself clearly does so (in copy that is otherwise in upper & lower case letters). You should not use "co." as an abbreviation for the word "company" in ordinary text when it is not part of the name of a specific organization.

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Any sort of context for the question?In a big sign over the showroom where a business is located, they may have their name in big letters : those might be all capitals for maximum visibility.Where vì you want lớn "use" this?

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It depends on the country it"s registered in, but normally the word "Company" is a choice of the company: it calls itself Silkworms Company or Silkworms Manufacturing Company, or whatever it likes. But most countries also legally require a suffix after the company name that indicates the legal status of the company: lượt thích plc (= public limited company) in the UK, Inc(orporated) in the USA, Pty Ltd (= proprietary limited) in Australia, SA in France, GmbH in Germany, and so on. Many countries have more than one such suffix.