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I am totally weak for eyeshadow palettes và pretty packaging, so what am I supposed to bởi when the two of those come together? Obsess & get my hands on it, of course!

This is the Prism Air Palette from CLIO, và it has been all over the kbeauty community since its release. Their brand concept is to lớn bring trang điểm artist quality products to a street shop price point, so it’s all about high pigmentation, longevity và cool-girl packaging. Also, Peripera is their sister brand và they arguably bởi vì the best Korean lip tints ever – so that’s ’nuff said.

This palette is currently available at StyleKorean for USD$27.30 (on sale from USD$45.60) and also comes in two colour variants – Coral Sparkle and Pink Addict. I’ll be reviewing the Pink variant but definitely kiểm tra out their trang web if you’d lượt thích to see any other offerings from CLIO.

So, let’s jump into this review!


Product Description

As previously mentioned, the Prism Air Palette comes in two different colour ranges. It is a cohesive eight shade palette with varying textures from mattes lớn pearls và shimmers. It claims to lớn have a lightweight formula with minimal fallout & high pigmentation (more on that later).

The Prism Air was originally a range of single eyeshadows – from what I could tell, they was pretty popular! I’m assuming that this palette version is inspired by that original formula because these shadows also have a very soft, creamy texture and a similar raised geometric pan design. I haven’t personally tried it myself so can’t compare (yet).

You can also check out the Prism Air Eyeshadows, Blushes & Highlighters, as they’re still available on StyleKorean.



With this palette, the packaging was absolutely the thing that drew my attention first (and why it has been featuring so heavily on instagram feeds).

The unit carton has an eye catching thiết kế that is in line with the rest of CLIO‘s palettes. It features a subtle geometric facet texture (which is a reference khổng lồ the ‘prism’ range & looks lượt thích metallic cellophane khổng lồ me) with the ‘Prism Air’ branding in gold foil. I personally really lượt thích CLIO‘s unit carton designs; they’re good at keeping with their brand image (trendy, young and cool) và making things look interesting but still understated. Of course, they actually keep the majority of the wow factor for their actual packaging!

Once you mở cửa up the box, you’ll find this incredibly beautiful prismatic palette design! It’s made of a good quality, glossy plastic so it really shines (in fact, I had a lot of difficulty getting a good photo of it). The palette has a holographic foil print on the front (similar to lớn the unit carton) & a clear rounded vị trí cao nhất – which is what allows the print to lớn look lượt thích it’s floating. The colour also slightly gradients from inside out. It’s actually stunningly beautiful, even moreso in real life.

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The palette also has a click closure which seems sturdy. You may have issues with opening it if you have very long nails but I’m personally fine with it. The only real complaint I would have is that the rounded front makes this bulkier & harder lớn store – I wish that they could have achieved this same prismatic thiết kế with a more slimline shape.


Shade Range

The version that I have is the Pink Addict which, as you can guess, is centred around a pink theme. Although the palette isn’t monochromatic, all of the combinations are very harmonious và easy to lớn combine. A danh mục of shadows (from đứng đầu to bottom, left lớn right) is below:

01 Spring In Me (Shimmer) – Silver & Gold shimmer with a clear base02 Flying Petal (Shimmer) – Pink and orange shimmer with a clear base03 Eternal Blossom (Shimmer) – Soft pink with blue, gold and pink shimmers04 Rose Waltz (Matte) – Matte muted rose shade05 The April (Shimmer) – Pale pink pearl with gold shimmers06 Floral Maze (Shimmer) – Sheer copper shade with magenta shimmers07 Pink Drizzle (Shimmer) – Warm pink with gold, blue and pink shimmers08 Love Lane (Satin) – Satin rose brown
The palette also comes with a double sided brush, which is decent for touch ups or if you’re on the go. Personally, I always use my own so won’t really reach for this.

Personal Experiences

I had really high hopes for this palette because I’m such a big fan hâm mộ of CLIO – and personally think that they offer some of the best pigmentation in kbeauty. However, I have to say that this palette only half delivered for me.

Formula-wise, the shadows were really soft and easy khổng lồ blend. They didn’t crease or fade on me at all – even though my eyes are very watery. I used my regular shadow primer & it looked just as good at the over of the day. I especially loved the smoothness of the matte shades, which sat really naturally on the lid.

The downside for this palette though was the pigmentation. In particular, I felt that the shimmers were pretty but sparse once applied & difficult to build up. The matte và darkest satin shade would be the best out of them all but only 3d one quarter of the palette.

I also found that most of these shadows need to lớn be applied with a finger, sometimes with more pressure, to get decent concentration of pigment; it reminded me a bit of the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows which I’m not the biggest tín đồ of (but many others are).


Overall, I don’t think that this is the best palette that CLIO has released. It all comes down to personal preference though because this palette does have its strengths (smooth formula, long wearing & crease proof as well as very beautiful packaging). It just doesn’t hit the mark for me when it comes lớn colour pay off!

If you’ve read my previous reviews, I actually much prefer the CLIO Pro Eye Palette. Korean eyeshadows are known to lớn be softer in pigment, but the Pro Eye Palette was a good balance between that Korean style shadow và bolder trang điểm trends. For me, I feel lượt thích the Prism Air Palette was a step backwards in that instance.

I don’t know – how vày you guys feel about this? I think I’ll still reach for this now và then, but it won’t get as much love for me as other palettes. It does looks really pretty in photos though hehe!

Here’s the verdict!


An 8-pan palette with shimmer shades, as well as a matte & satin


Absolutely stunning packagingTwo colour options for different undertones (coral or pink)Cohesive colour story that’s easy khổng lồ combine (beginner friendly)Lightweight và natural finishesNo creasing or fading – good longevity


Packaging can be bulkyShimmers are sparse and difficult khổng lồ get good colour pay-offNot a good balance of finishes – would be better lớn get a half-half of shimmers & matte/satinsMost need khổng lồ be applied with a finger – doesn’t pick up well on a brush





I really wanted to like this but it wasn’t for me. If you’re wanting to lớn try out CLIO eyeshadows & want something with good shades and pigmentation too, I would recommend checking out their Pro Eye Palettes – the packaging for this is prettier, but those palettes have a much better formula.


You can get the CLIO Prism Air Palette at StyleKorean for USD$27.30 (on sale from USD$45.60). Alternatively, also check out the Pro Eye Palette – it’s a bit dearer at USD$31.50 (on sale from USD$45) but has ten shades instead of eight, so it’s not a big difference.