This baume is the bomb!

After struggling lớn find skincare that won't irritate my sensitive skin, the hunt in over, và I am surprised at how affordable the solution is. I have rosacea flare-ups, aging skin, dry skin, irritated skin -- you name it. My dermatologist explained that I am dealing with a compromised skin barrier, thanks khổng lồ using too many of the wrong products. Once I discovered how well this hàng hóa works, I cut back on products -- and found that this one could almost stand alone along with gentle cleansers from the same line. Everything from the La Roche-Posay line has been great for me. This sản phẩm is the best. Once I get my current flare-up under control, I plan lớn try more products from this collection.

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Moisture seal

The Cicaplast Baume B5 is soothing & great for counteracting the drying effects of retinoids on my skin. I only use it at night. The texture is a bit sticky and leaves a trắng film on my skin.

Really Great for Dry and/or Irritated Skin

A friend told me how much she loves this sản phẩm so I thought I'd give it a try. It is the last cream I use at night to lớn lock in all of the other products. It goes on thick but its not greasy. It penetrates quickly & feels great. It makes my slightly dry mature skin look so much calmer and more hydrated.

You need this

I was experiencing skin issues from over exfoliating and this helped my skin so much. I now keep this is my skin care routine because it pairs great when using retinol khổng lồ help soothe and keep your skin supple.

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Not enough great things to lớn say

This sản phẩm will always be a staple in my skincare routine. I use this to "slug", to extra hydrate my blemishes after using a spot treatment, and many other times when I feel lượt thích my skin is inflamed. Not sure if they direct to vị so, but I always warm up the hàng hóa between my fingers before application. I really love this formulation.

Great for protecting scars

This product is a heavy duty, trắng cream that absorbs in to lớn skin quickly & moisturizes & protects super delicate and sensitive new scars. It’s un scented & very soothing, perfect for irritated skin.

Great product

This product is fantastic. Only issue I have is that it’s fragranced and my sensitive skin doesn’t love that. Not a strong fragrance, but still bothers my skin a little bit. Overall though, very good balm.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Name B5

This stuff really helps dry areas just wish it came in a larger option

Perfect for protecting sensitive skin

I always lượt thích to have a tube of this Baum on hand to spot treat any extra sensitive areas of my face. Especially good lớn use after Retinol serum.


I used this after IPL và the redness disappeared within minutes. I now use it every night after my retin-a. Truly amazing! It doesn't break me out lượt thích I'd feared, & its epically soothing.

Calming + Protective for Perioral Dermatitis

I’ve struggled on for 8+ yrs with sensitized skin, Rosacea & flare-ups of Perioral Dermatitis. My skin had poor resilience. Now? I wear a mask for 10 hrs a day in the med field, with gorgeous skin! This balm is now my MUST-HAVE. I have not had a PD flare-up since using this in my routine. I use it daily over a light moisturizer, focusing the balm on areas prone to irritation, under a mineral sunscreen. At night, I use the balm khổng lồ soothe and seal in hydration, over đứng top of either a cream or serum. I believe this balm has helped heal my skin’s lipid barrier, flat out. Rosacea is a complex condition with many differing causes & factors, lots of misconceptions abound (i.e. Mistaken self-diagnosis of sebb derm/Fungal Acne lol). I took control with a simplified routine, of which is THE STAR! Worried this “balm” will feel too sticky & heavy? While it is a balm, it adapts surprisingly well on my combination skin, soaks in & doesn’t feel heavy during the day. Somehow, it even did ok when I applied a light foundation a few hours later.